Babis Tsoukias Bio – Greek Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding Photographer Nobody knows whether it is a gene or virus. The only certainty is that the love he has for photography began at 12 and for so many years has not diminished at all.
Babis Tsoukias – Greek Wedding Photographer born and raised to Halandri. Coming from a family of photographers had his first professional relationship with photography at age 16, when using the camera’s father captures everyday moments and faces of Halandri, unwittingly making it news.
He attended private school in Athens and completed his academic knowledge in Switzerland. Within 28 years of his career in photography but learned that the largest school is the very life like experience.
The advertising and still life photography is a big part of his job, finally people was what he choosed and be choosed by. People who put on in life in their most intimate and exclusive moments. People who produce emotions, experiencing unique moments and emotions, laugh, cry, rejoice, sorry. For these moments are proud to give it the ability to capture and make him the honor to choose as their personal photographer.
He has managed to exceed himself every day, earning the respect of colleagues and the love of his customers …

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